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I worked right through the holidays, and only got a break last week.  So Lina and I went camping and hiking for four days in the Rio Claro Nature Reserve, a stunning river & rain-forest national park about 4 hours East of Medellin (Colombia) by $7 USD bus-ride and @ $5 USD per person/night camping.  The altimeter on my fancy expedition wrist-watch showed Rio Claro at about 350 meters (1150 feet) above sea level.  Medellin where we live is at 1500 meters (close to 5000 feet).

While mostly we hiked the trails along the river and went pond-hopping beyond the trails through thick-forest and waded upstream through desolate feeding-brooks and chilled in the warm tropical water and soaked in the sun and  just lushly napped on a hammock under any trees we liked, we set aside a few hours to shoot new pics for Symbiosis, my ongoing fine art series about the broken relationship between human beings and the earth, which is a work-in-progress.

And here are samples. All shot in natural light.

Sensient. For Aequilibrium Est: Symbiosis series. (Work in progress).

The ongoing series can be previewed on my website (or click on pics), then click on MEDITATIONS ON BEING and then on SYMBIOSIS.

Fountain. Aequilibrium Est: Symbiosis series. (Work in progress).

We Also set aside a few hours to shoot new pics of Lina for her nascent portfolio. Rio Claro has this stunning color stones in its bed that lent a lush feel to the pic below, shot in natural light.

The Ecstasy of Lina Marcela. Rio Claro, Colombia.

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